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The Seventh Trumpet is at once an Intelligence Report and a Spiritual
Commentary upon the Events and Affairs of our Times.It is intended
to be an ongoing Educational Curriculum based on the subterranean
streams of economic, social, political, spiritual and historical facts,
little known to the general population.


Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown." - Rev. 3:11




Have you noticed in recent weeks, the "graying hair" of President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair? I really doubt that either of these two men, anticipated the nature and number of difficult decisions they would be called upon to make.

It has now dawned upon our leaders that if they should decide to withdraw our troops and equipment out of Iraq, because of the flare up of nationalism occurring in that country, to do so, would be far more hazardous than when we marched in, due to the fact that there was almost no resistance.

It seems that the suppliers of munitions and other vital resources have fallen behind on their delivery schedules by many weeks. So much for "outsourcing".!!

The sad fact of the matter is, that these two leaders and a select few others besides, have been made aware of other crises, which are about to overtake us, which the majority of the common people know little or nothing about.

For instance, in recent weeks, the Pentagon has handed President Bush a top-secret report, which they have classified as National Priority number one. In order of importance and urgency, they have placed it on an equal par or maybe even above the war in the Middle East.

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These great military minds have, after conferring with scientists, representing various fields, have come to the conclusion that the environment of Earth is going through some frightening changes, which will forever alter life on planet Earth because of the number of people that may perish.

One sure sign is the melting polar caps and the change in temperature of the Gulf Stream which carries warm water up to England and the Scandinavian countries.

They believe that winter will become a year around event in the Scandanavian countries, perhaps within a decade. . . .

Then we have a number of eminent scientists who assure us that we are running out of oil and natural gas at a mind boggling pace. It is very hard for us to envision life in an industrial society, without oil.

Those who have sat down and tried to envision it, eventually throw up their hands in despair, because all they can foresee is chaos. The reason being that those who know the facts, are afraid to tell the truth.

Why are they worried?

An American geologist King Hubbert, predicted in 1956, that the peak in US domestic production of oil would arrive in 1970. This occurred exactly as he predicted.

Using those same methods, Mr Hubbert is now projecting that the peak of the oil-producing Middle East should be reached around 2010, depending on the more or less rapid recovery of full Iraqi production and the growth rate of demand in China.

Transposing Hubbert's approach to all other countries has given similar predictive results: the production of every giant oilfield -- and only the giant ones matter -- are in decline, except in the "black triangle" of Iraq-Iran-Saudi Arabia. (Does anyone see a reason here, to invade Iraq?)

The sectors most affected by the steady rise in the price of crude oil will be, first, aviation and intensive agriculture, since the price of jet fuel for one, and of nitrogenous fertilizer as well as diesel fuel for the other, are directly linked to the price of crude oil.

Then, we have major crises in world banking and the rise and fall of national currencies.

We even have some leaders, who believe that we have already been invaded by alien races, not of this world. But there is another crisis that is unfolding even as I write this series of articles, and that has to do with, what is commonly being -called the "clash of civilizations".

There are certain problems that are bound to overtake us, but sometimes we bring them upon ourselves by our own precipitous actions, when we are not prepared to deal with them.

Furthermore, to make matters worse, not only are our people ill informed, but the truth has been masked by a mountain of deception.

There was a day, not so long ago, when the lies and false information did not affect us very much, but now, with the modernization of technology and the development of super weapons, we are subject to paying for our miscalculations almost instantly.

And make no mistake about it, what we believe about the future and our place in the scheme of things, will determine how we deal with certain problems.

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As the Scofield/Darby ‘Dispensationalism’ began to take root in the last century, it created a multitude of Evangelical, Fundamentalist and Pentecostal Christians, who began more and more, to retreat from the political affairs of their countries, England, Canada and the United States.


Consequently, we witnessed a century of defeatist despair, in which post-millennial optimist gave place to pretribulation ‘rapturitus’.

This, at a time, when the immigration policies of western nations demanded the opening of our borders, to allow for an invasion of millions of Muslims from the Middle East and Asian countries, setting the stage for what is being called the ‘clash of civilizations’.


It’s true that in the last few decades, we have seen a number of far-sighted seers -including myself - who began warning their fellow citizens of a loss of liberties and ever encroaching bureaucracy of One-Worlders, seizing the reigns of government, by removing the ancient landmarks and the Christian underpinnings of our Law, Medicine, Economics, Education and even the Media.

Today, thank the Lord, we have quite a number of lion-hearted Christians, who have returned to the Arena of Faith, who are offering up the Lord’s Prayer in sincerity, "May thy Kingdom come and thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

These folks are not sitting around in their ‘ascension robes’, doing nothing, like the three monkeys, who see no evil, hear no evil and say nothing.

The ‘clash of civilizations’ has already begun but many in the West, just haven’t had their eyes and ears open to the Invasion of Jihadists, which is spilling on to our shores.

Their ‘multi-culturists’ defenders attempt to allay the fears of their neighbors, by telling us that Islam is a "peaceful religion".

Thee ‘multi-culturists provide scholarships to fund their education at some of our most prestigious universities, at a time, when normal, red-blooded American young people are being turned away from applying to those institutions.

I have personally met ‘exchange students’ at Northwestern University, who had their tuition, books, and apartments (notice I did not say dorm) paid for by scholarships.

And they were given ‘walking around’ money to the tune of about $1,000 a month. And in some cases they were even provided with older cars to get around in.

Did these students return to their country of origin upon completion of their education? No! A majority of them decided to stay here and convert the USA into an Islamic theocracy.

Approximately a million Muslim men have migrated here over the past decade or so, most of whom were unmarried. These men deliberately sought out Christian women to marry and then insisted that their young ones must be brought up in Islam.

Page 3.

Right this moment, in the United Kingdom, there are more Muslims than evangelical Christians. And, approximately 900 churches have been converted to mosques in the UK.


For years now, I have found that I cannot discuss the political implications of certain shared beliefs, i.e.‘Christian Zionism’, especially, if I am speaking to a group of brainwashed ‘Dispensationalists’.

The current ‘shibboleth’ on the Evangelical, Fundamentalist speaker’s conference circuit, is the Scofield/Darby position, which calls for a literal, earthly kingdom administered by Jews from Jerusalem. When, it comes to the slight chance of offense to Jews by questioning Zionist policy, no matter how radical, one has to be careful.

It’s OK to be aggressively in favor of Israel, especially when it comes to dispensing tax-payers money to Israel.

When I say that the followers of Scofield/Darby are politically paralyzed - many of them do not vote or get involved in local politics - forgetting their duties as citizens of a republic/democracy - there are exceptions to this. For example Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham is not afraid to wear his ‘Christian Zionism’.

In October, during a "Festival" in Lexington, Kentucky, he said, "The Arabs will not be happy until every Jew is dead. They hate the state of Israel. They all hate the Jews.

God gave that land to the Jews. The Arabs will never accept that. Why can't they live in peace?" Unfortunately, Mr Graham ignores about 1,400 years during which time, the Jews, Christians and Muslims enjoyed periods of relative peace, while living together in Palestine.

"Frankie" Graham has joined a host of other Evangelical Christians, who have agreed not to attempt to make converts out of Israelis to Jesus Christ.

As you may or may not know, it is a criminal offense in Israel, to attempt to convert a Jew to Christianity. If we look back to the early days of the Church, we see a time, when the elders locked Peter and John up, for preaching to the people about Jesus.

After an angel of the Lord, opened the prison doors and let them out, he instructed them to keep on preaching to the people.

But when the Elders, who were not aware of the Apostles’ escape, asked the jailors to bring them out to be tried . . "Then came one and told them, saying, Behold, the men whom ye put in prison are standing in the temple, and teaching the people.

Then went the captain with the officers, and brought them without violence: for they feared the people, lest they should have been stoned.

And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them, Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name?

and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us.

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." - Acts 5: 25-29

Page 4.

Just recently we had another situation similar to what happened in the 1st Century, when the evangelist Morris Cerullo sent out more than a million unsolicited books, entitled, "Ha Shalom" (The Peace) to Israeli households in fall of 1996.

It ignited a powder keg of resentment towards the Believers in the Land. Hundreds of Orthodox Jews demonstrated against the books by burning them in bonfires and blowing the shofar in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's home.

So-called "leaders" of the Christian evangelical movement have agreed to give up spreading the Gospel of Christ in the Holy Land in order to avoid being jailed under a proposed Israeli law aimed at stamping out Christian missionary work in Israel.

Anti-Christian forces led by a wide-ranging group of high-ranking Israeli officials won a major victory on March 30.

Representatives of 50 different international Christian Evangelical groups entered into what was described as an "unprecedented" joint statement promising not to carry out Christian missionary work in Israel.

Well, Let’s tear out the scripture which says, that the gospel "is the power or God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."
- Rom. 1:16

The Apostle Paul would tremble in his scandals, if he were to read that Evangelical declaration and would respond, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?

and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"
- Rom. 10:14, 15

One of the arguments I’ve heard, regarding the unbelief of the Jews, is that it’s alright if Jews don’t believe because after the Rapture of the Christians, God will make a special effort to convert them.!!

Many even go to the extreme of guaranteeing a 2nd chance to repent, even if a non-believing Jew accepts the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and the Christians have been ‘raptured’ to Heaven.

This is a damnable lie. How terrible will be God’s judgement on those who purvey such a LIE to a lost soul.

We must be bold and call upon them to take the advise of the Apostles: Repentance toward God and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Very few of us know how long we have to live and it is possible to grieve, even quench the Holy Spirit.

So, we need to hasten to give the Word of God to Jew and Gentile alike.

I have to applaud the Lutherans for their stance on these issues.

In 1530, the Lutheran Churches adopted the Augsburg Confession. Article 17 condemned those "who now scatter Jewish opinions, that, before the resurrection of the dead, the godly shall occupy the kingdom of the world, the wicked being every where suppressed."

Out of the Reformed camp came the Second Helvetic Confession (1566) which likewise repudiated chilism.

Page 5.

What a lot of Fundamentalists and Evangelical Christians are hastening to and it seems, working for, is the Battle of Armageddon. Since, in their newly created theological belief, it is tied to the Second Coming of Christ. They do not fear World War III, because they think they will be raptured before it gets real bad. Listen to what Allan C. Brownfeld says:


The "Religious Right" and Middle East War

By Allan C. Brownfeld

"The ties between Christian fundamentalism in the United States and Jewish fundamentalism in Israel are growing rapidly, with potentially serious consequences for U.S.-Middle East policy and for the people of that troubled region.

"In 1978, Jerry Falwell traveled to Israel on a trip sponsored and paid for by the Israeli government.

In 1979, the Israelis extended another free trip, during a period when Prime Minister Menachem Begin was in a rush to build Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank.

The Rev. Falwell traveled the road toward the Palestinian town of Nablus and turned off the highway and stood at a cluster of prefabricated houses built by Jewish settlers.

At that time, Falwell declared that God was kind to America only because "America has been kind to the Jews."

"At a gala dinner in New York in 1980, Prime Minister Begin bestowed upon Falwell a medal named for Vladimir Jobotinsky, the right-wing Zionist leader.

In 1981, when Israel bombed the nuclear reactor in Iraq, Begin immediately called Jerry Falwell for support.

Few Americans understood the real reasons for the alliance between Christian fundamentalism and the most extreme segments of Israel political life. In an important new book, "Prophecy and Politics" by Grace Halsell (Lawrence Hill and Co.).

She worked as a White House speechwriter during the administration of Lyndon Johnson and explores this growing relationship.

"During two of Jerry Falwell’s Holy Land tours, the author interviewed fundamentalist members of the Moral Majority, all of whom believed that the biblical prophecy of fighting World War III must be fulfilled preparatory of the Second Coming of Christ.

"The strain of fundamentalism known as "dispensationalism," Halsell writes, argues that the world will soon be destroyed: "God knows it will happen.

He knew it from the beginning. But, God kept His plan secret from all the billions of people who lived before us. But now … He has revealed the plan … we must move through seven time periods, or

Page 6.

dispensations – one of which includes the terrible battle of Armageddon, where new and totally destructive nuclear weapons will be unleashed and blood will flow like mighty rivers … ."

"Dispensationalism spread throughout the U.S. largely through the efforts of Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, born in 1843. His belief system was not original with him but goes back to John Nelson Darby, a 19th-century Irishman and one-time priest in the Church of England.

"On one occasion, Scofield reminded his audience that year after year he had sounded the same warning: our world will end "in disaster, in ruin, in the great, final world-catastrophe." But, he said, born-again Christians should welcome such a catastrophe because once the final battle began, Christ will lift them up into the clouds.


Somewhere around 160 AD Tertullian warned fellow Christians, "Now, since you join the Jews in denying that their Christ has come, recollect also what is that end which they were predicted as about to bring on themselves after the time of Christ, for the impiety wherewith they both rejected and slew Him.

For it began to come to pass from that day, when, according to Isaiah, "a man threw away his idols of gold and of silver, which they made into useless and hurtful objects of worship;" in other words, from the time when he threw away his idols after the truth had been made clear by Christ.

Consider whether what follows in the prophet has not received its fulfillment: "The Lord of hosts hath taken away from Judah and from Jerusalem, amongst other things, both the prophet and the wise artificer;" that is, His Holy Spirit, who builds the church, which is indeed the temple, and household and city of God.

For thenceforth God's grace failed amongst them; and the clouds were commanded to rain no rain upon the vineyard" of Sorech; to withhold, that is, the graces of heaven, that they shed no blessing upon "the house of Israel," which had but produced "the thorns" wherewith it had crowned the Lord, and "instead of righteousness, the cry" wherewith it had hurried Him away to the cross.

And so in this manner the law and the prophets were until John, but the clews of divine grace were withdrawn from the nation. After his time their madness still continued, and the name of the Lord was blasphemed by them, as saith the Scripture:

"Because of you my name is continually blasphemed amongst the nations" (for from them did the blasphemy originate); neither in the interval from Tiberius to Vespasian did they learn repentance.

Therefore "has their land become desolate, their cities are burnt with fire, their country strangers are devouring before their own eyes; the daughter of Sion has been deserted like a cottage in a vineyard, or a lodge in a garden of cucumbers," ever sinc the time when


"Israel acknowledged not the Lord, and the people understood Him not, but forsook Him, and provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger."

So likewise that conditional threat of the sword, "If ye refuse and hear me not, the sword shall devour you," has proved that it was Christ, for rebellion against whom they have perished.

In the fifty-eighth Psalm He demands of the Father their dispersion: "Scatter them in Thy power."

By Isaiah He also says, as He finishes a prophecy of their consumption by fire: "Because of me has this happened to you; ye shall lie down in sorrow."

But all this would be unmeaning enough, if they suffered this retribution not on account of Him, who had in prophecy assigned their suffering to His own cause, but for the sake of the Christ of the other god.

Well, then, although you affirm that it is the Christ of the other god who was driven to the cross by the powers and authorities of the Creator (the Demiurge), as it were by hostile beings, still I have to say, See how manifestly He was defeated by the Creator:

there were given to Him both "the wicked for His burial," even those who had strenuously maintained that … His corpse had been stolen, "and the rich for His death," even those who had redeemed Him from the treachery of Judas, as well as from the lying report of the soldiers that His body had been taken away.

Therefore these things either did not happen to the Jews on His account, in which case you will be refuted by the sense of the Scriptures tallying with the issue of the facts and the order of the times, or else they did happen on His account, and then the Creator (Demiurge) could not have inflicted the vengeance except for His own Christ;

nay, He must have rather had a reward for Judas, if it had been his master's enemy whom they put to death.

At all events, if the Creator's (Demiurge) Christ has not come yet, on whose account the prophecy dooms them to such sufferings, they will have to endure the sufferings when He shall have come.

Then where will there be a daughter of Sion to be reduced to desolation, for there is none now to be found?

Where will there be cities to be burnt with fire, for they are now in heaps? Where a nation to be dispersed, which is already in banishment?

Restore to Judaea its former state, that the Creator's (the Demiurge’s) Christ may find it, and then you may contend that another Christ has come.

But then, again, how is it that He can have permitted to range through His own heaven one whom He was some day to put to death on His own earth, after the more noble and glorious region of His kingdom had been violated, and His own very palace and sublimest height had been trodden by him?

Or was it only in appearance rather that he did this?

God is no doubt a jealous God! Yet he gained the victory. You should blush with shame, who put your faith in a vanquished god!

What have you to hope for from him, who was not strong enough to protect himself? For it was either through his infirmity that he was crushed by the powers and human agents of the Creator, or else

Page 8.

through maliciousness, in order that he might fasten so great a stigma on them by his endurance of their wickedness."
- Against Marcion, CHAP. XXIII.--(The Dispersion Of The Jews, And Their Desolate Condition For Rejecting Christ)


This is exactly what the Zionists of today are contending.

They would tear out the testimony of Joshua, who warned his fellow country men that the ‘Land Covenant’ was contingent upon their obedience to the Lord God.

They want to rewrite their own history and pretend that their prophets were wrong, in accusing them of treading down the poor in their midst and violating their Covenant with God. "

Joshua's final words were,"Now I am about to go the way of all the earth.

You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the LORD your God gave you has failed.

Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.

But just as every good promise of the LORD your God has come true, so the LORD will bring on you all the evil he has threatened, until he has destroyed you from this good land he has given you.

If you violate the covenant of the LORD your God, which he commanded you, and go and serve other gods and bow down to them, the LORD'S anger will burn against you, and you will quickly perish from the good land he has given you."
- Joshua 23:14-16

Even our Christians ‘Zionists’ want to pretend that God’s Covenant with Israel was an ‘unconditional’ agreement, not tied to obedience and that certain groups of people who call themselves Jews (but are not), have a right to go over there and dispossess the people who have been living there for ages , which includes Christians and Muslims.

And, rather than prepare the peoples of the West for the coming ‘clash of civilizations’, which our modern Zionists/Dispensationalists are driving us to, want to lay a ‘guilt trip’ on us.

The current politically correct lie being trumpeted about, is that Christians were the first to attack Muslims and we see this lie in several of the leading magazines.

Islam is a peaceful religion, whereas Christianity is cruel.

Is that right?

In the first place, Islam had a bloody origin, at the beginning of the 7th Century with the prophet Mohammed.

In 624, Mohammed led a raid for booty and plunder against a Meccan caravan, killing 70 Meccans for mere material gain. This was considered by them, a ‘holy war’.

Muslims - had conquered the bulk of western Arabia and southern Palestine through approximately a dozen separate invasions and bloody conquests.

After Mohammed's death in 632, the new Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, launched Islam into almost 1,500 years of continual bloody conquest and subjugation of others through invasion and war, a role Islam continues to this very day.

Palestine was the first Western non-Arab area invaded in the Muslim conquest and subjugation of others. At the time, Palestine was under the rule of the so-called

Page 9.

Eastern Roman Empire, ruled from Istanbul by Greek speaking people, and was Eastern Orthodox Catholic.

The Eastern Orthodox rule was despotic and the Eastern Roman Empire was in serious decline.

The Eastern Orthodox rulers were despots, and in Palestine had subjugated the large population of local Jews and Monophysite Christians.

The Muslim conquest and subjugation of Palestine began with a battle, the August 20, 636 battle of Yarmk (it is believed that 75,000 soldiers took part -- hardly bloodless).

With the help of the local Jews who welcomed the Muslims as liberators, the Muslims had subjugated the remainder of Palestine but had not been able to capture Jerusalem.

Beginning in July 637, the Muslims began a siege of Jerusalem which lasted for five (hardly bloodless) months before Jerusalem fell in February 638. Arabs did not sack the city, and the Arab soldiers were apparently kept in tight control by their leaders.

No destruction was permitted.

Then, about one hundred years after the Muslims began their conquests, a turn about occurred in their thinking.

Whereas Muslim policy towards Christians and Jew had been very tolerant, except for taxation, it now became imperative for those who were conquered, to be converted to Islam.

The local governors, judges, and other rulers were appointed by the central imperial authorities for far off colonies.

Islamic law was introduced as the senior law, whether or not wanted by the local people. Arabic was introduced as the rulers' language, and the local language frequently disappeared.

Two classes of residents were established. The native residents paid a tax that their colonialist rulers did not have to pay.

Prior to this time, the Muslims had been content to drain the wealth of the Jew s and the Christians living in Jerusalem, sending it to Baghdad, they now began the wholesale destruction of churches and synagogues.

Many beautiful churches were razed and smaller mosques were built on top of them. However, this did not stop Christian pilgrims from coming to Jerusalem.

The Muslim did not take pilgrimages to Jerusalem but the Christians did. Consequently a whole string of monasteries and hospices were built along the routes.

To add to the oppression of Christians and Jews, the Muslims began making eunuchs out of the men, for the pleasure of the caliphs, somewhere around 1095.

They continued to rob and kill thousands of Christians, who came on pilgrimages. After they brutally sacked and pillaged Jerusalem, and pillaged the countryside of Palestine, the Vatican decided to take back the ‘holy land’ for Christ.

Various ‘Crusades were called for to conquer and reconquer the land. It is true that some of these were conducted with great cruelty and excesses on the part of Christians.

The Muslims conquered Spain and built some magnificent cities. They crossed the Pyrannies and were only stopped in their conquest of France by Charles Martel. They were not driven from Spain until 1492.

Page 10.

The Byzantium Empire was the longest lived empire in history. It was a Christian empire which lasted 1260 years, just as the Book of Revelation said it would.

Its coinage had the same value, at the fall of Constantinople, as it had at its beginning.

By the time the Muslims came up against the city, it had already been weakened by barbarian invasions and by the European Crusaders. As I pointed out in the book FORBIDDEN TRUTHS REVEALED, the Jews assisted the Muslims in the siege of Contantinople.

It was they, who manufactured the huge cannons, which were used to breach the walls. No such guns had ever been seen before this war.

The Ottoman Turks invaded Christian Eastern Europe and conquered and colonized Greece, all of the Balkans, Romania, Bessarabia, and Hungary, and was stopped only at the outskirts of Vienna in 1529.

Consider also the Mongol conquest of Northern India in the early 1600s.

Muslim Turkey has expelled approximately 1,500,000 Greeks from its empire in the east and replaced them with Turks. They massacred approximately 2 million Armenians and replaced them with Turks in the west.

Does this sound peaceful to you?

In our life time, we have seen the Muslims expel approximately 800,000 Jews from their homelands between 1947 and 1955.

During Jordan's occupation of the West Bank, the kingdom undertook an unsuccessful attempt to make Jerusalem a Muslim city by forcing out approximately 10,000 Christian inhabitants.

And, just a few years ago, Muslim Iraq, in an imperialist act of aggression, invaded Muslim Iran with a resulting (some estimates say) death of 2 million people.

Muslim Iraq, in an imperialist war of aggression, invaded and occupied Muslim Kuwait but were driven out by the United States and its ‘coalition partners’.

So, those who try to convince us that only Christians are cruel and barbaric, while the Muslims are innocent little lambs do not know history.

Sooner or later, we were bound to have to deal with Muslim extremism, because they believe that everyone in the world must become a Muslim or they must perish.

The Koran encourages them to make Moslems of everyone in the world or eliminate them, but it seems that certain ones wish to provoke them before they were ready to begin the process of ‘converting America’.

Muslims are forbidden in the Koran from making agreements with ‘non-believers’ and if they do find it necessary, they have the right to break any agreement, when they are strong enough to compel the ‘non-believers’ to convert.

If you doubt what I am saying here, let me ask you a question.


Supposedly the reason we invaded Iraq is because they possessed weapons of mass destruction and their leader was a tyrant. Iraq is the Mideast’s second largest oil producer.

Page 11.

Although this is a fact that everyone knows, it is downplayed by all proponents of the war with Iraq.

But if oil has nothing to do with the U.S. intervening in Iraq, then why hasn’t the U.S. intervened in Sudan, where 2 million Christians have been killed during the past decade, by Muslims?

What about the persecution of Christians in Indonesia, where Muslims are seeking to create a Muslim state? Why hasn’t the U.S.

intervened in Zimbabwe, where the Marxist tyrant Robert Mugabe has been confiscating the country’s farmland?

Why has Fidel Castro – 90 miles away from our shores – been untouched for 40 years?

Why didn’t the U.S. instigate a "regime change" when Idi Amin was killing thousands of his own black people in Uganda in the 1970s? Why didn’t the U.S. instigate a "regime change" when the Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutu government of Rwanda in 1994?

Would things have been different if Sudan, Indonesia, Zimbabwe,

Cuba, Uganda, and Rwanda had significant oil reserves?

What kind of thinking caused American air-power and NATO troops to destroy Christian Orthodox Serbia and arm Croatian Muslims, so that now they are strong enough to finish killing millions of Serbs?

It was not very long ago, that Jesuit spokesmen encouraged the Serbs to ‘repent’ and become good Catholics, or else! Now, we know what the ‘or else’ meant.


Gary Halbert writes: "A recent report by the French counter-intelligence underscores this fact.

It says that al Qaeda is in the process of recruiting tens of thousands of European Muslims and organizing them into military-type units.

They reportedly meet regularly under the auspices of innocent social organizations to train for terrorism and the use of weapons and explosives."

"According to European sources, between 35,000 and 45,000 individuals have been recruited in France alone.

In Germany, al Qaeda is estimated to have added another 25,000 to 30,000 men, and another 10,000 have joined in Britain.

Numbers of enlistees in Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden and Norway are unknown, but are thought to be significant.

"One alleged twist on this new recruiting push is that up to 25% of the new recruits are so-called 'white' Muslims, meaning native Europeans who have just recently converted to Islam.

Al Qaeda already knows that their typical recruiting grounds in mosques, Islamic culture centers and Muslim neighborhoods are being closely watched, so they have reportedly shifted their focus to a new demographic group (recent converts to Islam) who will be very hard for anti-terrorism intelligence to identify.

These recruits not only don't fit the typical terrorist "racial profile," but also do not have their names on known terrorist lists."


That’s all for this issue. What we believe about the future, will determine whether we are working for the Kingdom of God or Mammon. The pursuit of Mammon is an illusion. God bless you and yours. Jeffrey Brackeen


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